On Dead End Delusions

It’s more than time that we part;
a black and consuming refrain,
a malignant corner of my heart.

We danced a dark, foul step,
an ever growing, ugly stain;
at twisting, you were cruelly adept.

You clutched and grabbed greedily,
shackling me in my own disdain,
from truth, me fleeing speedily.

No more plays, no more fancy tales,
no more escapes from the sane;
a conclusion there is time to tell.

The dark dream has reached its end,
no more happiness only to feign,
onto the business of a heart to mend.

Do not call, do not plead or pray,
I am deaf to your wrongs explained,
in this gross fiction I no longer stay.

Repeated over and over without end,
the false dream I truly maintained,
from an honest love it upends.

But no more, nevermore, evermore,
a final chill chorus for my bane,
a new light, I have, to love and explore.


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