On Living on the Edge

Lately, I’ve been thinking about reviewing my homeowner’s insurance policy. But, if I do that, maybe I should look at my auto policy too. Why stop there, though? I could take a look at my life insurance policy, or I could spend some time with my health insurance policy. If I have any energy left, I guess I could peruse the extra insurance policies that come with my bank card, and we did just purchase travel insurance for our jaunt to Europe in the spring. It occurs to me — shockingly — that I don’t have an insurance policy covering my insurance policies. I’ll need to find time to research that.

Having insurance and planning for the unexpected is just smart. That’s why I invest in my work 401k to the max. You never know what retirement will bring. Well, sure, I have Social Security and my pension. Okay, I’ve got that old IRA, and, yes, I have multiple savings accounts. You just never know. You can’t be too prepared.

And I like being prepared. Part of preparation is keeping things orderly and clean. That’s one reason I always keep Windex on hand. Well, I actually have three kinds of Windex under the sink right now, but even those three can’t do it all, hence the leather cleaner, stone cleaner, Pledge furniture polish, rinse aid, dishwasher detergent (solid and liquid), dishwasher cleaner tabs, garbage disposal cleaner tabs, granite cleaner, granite sealer, air freshener, Swiffer pads, carpet cleaner, scouring pads, Magic Erasers, hand soap, and Febreze. You’d never guess we have housekeepers that come in every other week!

When I step back and consider it all, I think what pleases me the most about all of my insurances, savings accounts, and cleaning products is the knowledge that I am really taking a bite out of life. Some people live the same year every year, but not me. I’m blazing my own path. Working without a net. Living on the edge. Being a rebel. Being unpredictable in a really clean, well thought out sort of way. I mean, this is living. This is James Dean. This is the dream, the authentic American dream. I’m cutting through the noise, digging down deep for greater truths.

Now, I don’t mean to paint a rosy picture. It’s not easy. You don’t just waltz into this kind of lifestyle, this crazy sexy cool approach to life. No, I earned this. On the streets. The mean streets. Of small-town Kentucky. This isn’t for everyone. And definitely do not try this at home.

What will tomorrow bring? What kind of mind-blowing mayhem will my life involve? Even with all the wisdom I’ve gained from the hard livin’ I’ve done, I can’t answer that. Maybe a trip to the dry cleaners. Maybe I’ll make some hot chocolate. I have 12 different coffee mugs to enjoy it out of, after all.

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