On A Life Denied

You carry your burden,
always with you now,
a great and sad loss,
head heavy bowed.

To make alright I would,
my only true want,
but this pain preceded me,
and continues to haunt.

We have this history and love,
but I’m not sure I know you.
I see me in you, you in me,
and he is in me too.

A distance caused by a loss,
a loss I cannot know.
I cannot bear, could not bear,
the death that is your foe.

I see your tired eyes and soul,
singing its silent sad song,
but I cannot ease your trial,
after these cruel decades long.

You must know there has been love,
and laughter and joy and peace.
Why have you not enjoyed them,
was your loss too deep to cease?

My pledge to you, my solemn word,
is that I will not recall the pain,
the twist of fate so tightly wrapped,
across your gentle heart heavily lain.

I will recall the strength, every day,
to carry on, to move on, to endure,
into unknown valleys and peaks,
knowing only to be unsure.

The life you wanted so denied,
but that love still remains,
three then four then five lights,
remnants all, and your gain.

I know the light is still there,
waiting for a reunion thus,
and I pray for you it happens,
if there is justice, it must.

You will dance and sing and smile again,
a broken heart finally mended,
for so much love surrounds you,
the arms you desire to embrace you, extended.

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