On Two Little Satellites

Two little satellites,
circling around me,
two little giants,
loving and carefree.

Have I told you my dreams?
Can you possibly know?
How I miss your smiles,
deep in my heart they go.

Two little ramble boys,
with energy and play,
two little dreamers,
small only for today.

You may be all that I leave,
all that I can bequeath,
take my life and care, and
never from my love retreat.

Two little best pals,
so close and so kind,
two little royal heirs,
the ties that do bind.

Live your nows, unaware
sing, dance, run, and joke,
For you hold a special treasure,
my beyond today hopes.

Two little monkeys,
high up on a swing,
two little achievers,
the plaudits that sing.

Your future will be bright,
shining up, up, and above,
For you will always have me,
my care and my dear love.

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