What’s in The Hidden Trunk?

Welcome to my blog.

I’ve dabbled in social media for years — Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but I usually walk away unsatisfied or, worse yet, frustrated. Facebook can be a great way to stay connected, but the majority of the user experience seems to be a great big waste of time. After seven years on Facebook, I can’t recall Facebook uniquely adding anything wonderful to my life. I can, however, recall the exact opposite. Twitter is great for links, bite-sized information, and funny posts, but it can’t help you with deeper, more substantive thoughts or conversations. Instagram seems to exist to make everyone feel like a professional photographer…without the talent, skill, or experience.

I’d like to see if blogging can answer what’s missing, at least for me, in the social media world. I’m not looking for “likes” or attention; rather, I want a forum to explore my thoughts in written form, some personal, some not. My academic and professional writing has brought me great joy, and I’ve dreamed about a significant writing project for some time. I recently encountered the quote that “we learn what we practice.” It’s true, and, if I want to exercise my writing chops one day, I need to start stretching those muscles outside an academic or professional setting.

So, what’s in The Hidden Trunk? A little bit of everything. I’m interested in literature, sports, political philosophy, fashion, and travel. Heck, I even build a terrarium now and then. What follows — at surely irregular but hopefully frequent intervals — is my take on anything that moves me. Well, at least that’s the plan. If you like what you read, comment. If you don’t like what you read, comment. I promise, we can still be friends.

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