On a Day at the Beach

Dancing in the sun, yellow bright,
sand deep in my toes.
Lobbing the ball back and forth,
the score marching to and fro.

Days of youth and splendor,
a long future ahead.
Care free and free of care,
not a worry in anyone’s head.

A pass, a serve, and a spike,
a call to teammates beat.
Blue and green surf all around,
lapping on our dancing feet.

Soak up the sun, swirling sea air,
loping down the wooden pier.
Red skin stinging, but
nothing more to feel or fear.

Frozen in time, frozen in warmth,
the games to fifteen reset.
The punched ball sailing and sliding,
past the ragged black net.

Those long ago days at the beach,
clear as the emerald green wave,
a time to be young and cool,
a treasured memory to save.

Serve the ball one more time,
sneak it ‘cross the other side,
let the sun kiss your neck,
and never fear confide.